The Band

Dedicated to writing and playing their original music along with covers of some of their favorite songs fromthe past and present.

Playing together in one form or another since 1999 and still loving what they do 


T Bone Empey

Drums, Percussion and Sound Tech

The man behind the kit.

For fun T Bone flies RC Planes, brews beer and if the Sun is out can be found in a boat with a line in the water.

Sound Tech for local events.

In his past he made sure your phone lines worked is Southern California.

Lives in Nashville Oregon

Rev.AJ StudleyWeb

The Rev. AJ Studley

Harp, Vocals and Songwriting

Originally from the SF Bay area The Rev. worked in the Tech sector until retirement last year.

Nowdaze if he's not at home practicing harp or working on new material you can find him out in the wild with his faithful dog Bonita.

Nights will find him out sitting in with many local music makers or going to concerts to feed his love of the music.

Lives in Corvallis Oregon


Isaac Jones

Bass player, Vocals, Songwriter, Keyboard Dabbler,

Recording Engineer, Electronic Whiz Kid

Originally from Southern Oregon Isaac has played in bands since the 70s.

A career in the US Navy where he was an Electronic Tech on Nuclear Subs put the brakes on music for a while but after retirement he was right back into it.

The resident grounded logic maven it's not worth arguing with him as he's probably right.

Lives in Corvallis


Extra Crispy

Lead Guitars, Vocals, More Guitars..Way More Guitars.

You name it and Crispy can play it. Sometimes answers to the name Chuck.

Worked in the Metallurgical world til retirement last year and now devotes his time to his grandson and his music.

Check out his ReverbNation page.

Originally from the Midwest now lives in Albany Oregon


Bob Shade

Rhythm Guitar with and occasional lead, Vocals, Songwriter.

Official Cat Wrangler and Apparent Band Leader.  

Hails from SoCal but as a Navy brat lived all over the country.

Moved to Oregon in 1991 and now can't think of a better place to be.

Thinks way too much and more often than not says what he thinks..

Likes almost any genre of music from Jugband to Classical with a focus on rock and roll from the 60s and 70s.

Owns and runs where DWB rehearses and records.

Writes songs that the band doesn't even know about yet....but they're on their way.

Lives in Nashville Oregon

Band For Hire

We love to play out and would love to hear from you about being the next band you hire for your Club, Bar or Private Party.